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2001-09-01 22:36:52 (UTC)

no one understands me

hey well today was bad for me ok first i got home and was
questioning myself about weather or not i should brake up
with jacob and i finally made my decision and now its like
everyone is mad at me for brakeing up with him but if i
wanted to do it and its my choice to do it then what is so
wrong about doing that and now its like i cant even talk to
neone about what i think and how i see things and i am just
not ready for a relationship right at this moment like i
thought i was ... i have to maney things going on and i am
confused about everything and no one seems to understand
how i feel and how confused i am about stuff right now and
i cant handle a relationship right now because i am sooooo
confused... i want to go back out with jacob when i am
ready to go back out with someone again because i still
like jacob and one day hopefully we will be back together
but i am just not ready right now and i will be later on
just not now...... whats should i do peoples???