my life, my love and my happiness?
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2002-12-22 19:08:12 (UTC)

another day at the mall

um yeah last night me and maria just went back to her
house after she got out of work. we got there an shell was
still re-aranging her room. she wouldednt let us see it
untill like midnight but it was ok. so me and maria went
to bed and we were watching this christmas movie...
wishing we had some weed b/c we are about to kill
everyone but its ok. neather of us could fall asleep but
what ever. then we got up this morning at 8:00 and we got
ready and me maria shell lindsey and bean went to the
mall. they had to get thier pj's for x-mas morning. there
is so much stuff that i want a the mall it is killing me.
i want this cell phone cover and a t-shirt with gary on it
MEOW!!!! i love it i want everything. i need a job so bad.
i really hate how everyone has to argue about the dumbest
things. we all know that it isnt going to get us anywere
and that no one is right so just fucking stop. i almost
explodid today b/c of it. i want to go on a shopping spree
so bad!!!!! then when i got home i called liz and talked
to her about everything that is going on in our lifes and
then i made english muffin pizzas and smiley face french
fries and ate them and my mom has got the 24 hr bug now.
yuck. it kinda sucks i hope she is better by x-mass. i can
not wate to get my sisters present i have no idea what it
is. some kid just imed me and he is really bothering me.
gerrrr!! bother me a little more. what the fuck!!!! im
watching beaches right now i am so sick of all my movies i
watch them constantly. no one is on and it is bothering
me. i want to go out and do something. accually no i dont
i think i just want to take a nap. yeah a nap sounds
reallly good.i love my braclets i swear by the end of the
year they will be all the way up my arm that is my goal
for this year well untill we get out of school. i am going
to colorado in like two months i can not wate!! i want to
go snowboarding so bad but if it dosent snow again then
that is never going to happen... i have to clean the house
and i really dont want to. i hate it i am like the bitch
around here. shitty!! i get paid for it so that makes it a
little better.. right ? ok well i have to go do some
stuff i think...
watching: beaches

ok so my phone lines are all fucked up and my mom will not call the
phone company and it is pissing me off. it took me like a half and
hour to sing on. what the fuck. and there is this weard smell im ny
room and i dont know what it is. i think it is bad though. oh well
mabey it will kill me. i kinda smells like gas but we dont have gas
in our house so .... o did absolutly nothing today so boring. oh the
smell is really bad!!!ok well i dont feel liketyping so...
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