*...Days Upon Days...*
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2002-12-22 17:19:18 (UTC)

22nd * Sunday Morn..n ToRR's 18th

it's good feelin to know that it's a sunday, but there
won't be school the next day..helll yes. My weekend was
pretty good, Fri. i worked till 9, but saw Jer after and
his black rims ..ewwww..;) but he brought cookies that his
momma made for my family n they were really goooddd ::mmm::
plus my momma liked them too, so that's good. don't be
scurred jer. heh. but we just layed together and talked and
what not. then he had to go 007 style.

Sat: i worked 10-3, went shoppin for a while..then
confession 0:)..then took a nap cuz i was sleepy n sick.
but i still got ready after and jer came to pick me up, and
go to Torr's bday. A lil late, but hey we still made it.
She had yummy food and everyone there were people i loved.
Jer seemed to be having fun, esp. cuz all he did was play
video games but i'm glad. its good to kno he didn't feel
intimidated and out of place with my friends ::even tho i
did at his show..but i think that's a different story, cuz
none of my friends were busting out bongs and two-faced
etc :: oh..did i write that down? oops. oh well.

sun: work..fun.