Restless Comet Diary
2002-12-22 17:13:28 (UTC)

5 days left.

Ummmm... I forgot to write that today I'm meeting my "nash"
Marius to read him my essay about the future of the human
Maybe,if he likes the essay I'll convince him to take
some pictures with me...not for another reason but I like
having pictures with my friends.
Besides,maybe I could make time pass faster 'till I'll
get anything more interesting to do.
I gotta write 2 more essays for the creation contest and
I still haven't got any idea.Well,I just hope my
imagination will not leave me exactly when I more need it.
In the end.....I think these day's my little brother is
coming to visit me and spend the X-mas together and it will
all be just fine.
See ya next time.....not too much time left.