No Matter How Hard I Try...
2001-09-01 21:16:21 (UTC)

Weekly jail and fun

school this week has been alright. First Sargent has been
nagging me about joining Drill Team but I'm not going to.
it isnt something i am interested. we had to run in
formation so i had to run with the Guidon in JROTC. MAn,
that Guidon (flag) is heavy!!!! Umm, my dad is now in
pennsylvania...go him! yeah i dont want him marrying LeeAnn
And i dont care if he or LeeAnn's kids read this. We had
school pic's Tuesday. I told that Luke kid that i didnt
want anything but a friendship with him and now he wont
even realize i'm alive, which dosent really bother me at
all. I went and hung out at Nick's house friday night. i
had fun. Nick, Chris, Jen, danny, Wes, ZAch and Daniel were
there. they are great! WE watched this crazy movie about
drugs. If we would have gotten high when the people in the
movies did we would have understood it much better. It was
all serious and deep and we kept laughing. it was great!
well, i think thats all in my life for now!

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