Restless Comet Diary
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2002-12-22 16:35:21 (UTC)

About memories's still winter and I'm still kinda feeling
good 'coz of that.
Today i was walking through my city to come here at the
cyber cafe and suddenly I remembered about something...
I remembered about Salam....a guy I've met 2 years ago.
I can't say I've been feeling atracted by him in any
way....but i must admit I had a weakness for him.
He wasn't a cute guy,he wasn't really educated,he didn't
have money and he had strange friends...
But he never ever addressed any bad word to me,he always
treated me like I were a one day I started
have weird feelings for him.
One day,I honestly told him i don't want to see him
anymore,because I felt it wasn't right meeting such a
guy.He looked straight into my eyes he has seen
tears he told me "don't be sad's not your fault
and I am not mad on you"
I think that was an useful teached me about
life...the guy had a good heart but he wasn't the right
person and we both respected this was the best
thing to do...
Thank you Marian(a.k.a Salam)

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