imagination fading
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2002-12-22 15:28:47 (UTC)


I woke up at 2 yesterday. Cause the day before I woke up
sickly early. And then I couldn't fall asleep last night.
My sleeping cycle got all messed up. I think I fell asleep
and 5 maybe 6 in the morning, but somehow I managed to wake
up this morning at 8. And I'm not tired at all. I'm in a
really weird mood, I was yesterday too. You'd think that
I'd be happy that school is over 2 weeks...but somehow I'm
not. Well I guess I'm glad...I think it's cause there
really isn't any point to the break without christmas. And
There's no one on-line cause everybody is still sleeping.
I'm really antzy and frustrated right now. Trying to
understand someone who isn't easily understood. It's a
hard job, leaves your mind occupied. And then people get
pissed off cause you're not paying attention to them. I'm
always like that though. Liviing in my own little world.
No one ever knows what I'm thinking. Is it possible to he
terribly pessimistic and realistic but yet always be