My tragical life
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2001-09-01 20:52:05 (UTC)

The moment of truth......

Ok me and my best friend were talkin last night for ages.
Now this lane girl she says she likes me the most under her
boyfriend..But...from what my friend has told me she says
she likes him more.And its like WHAT THE FUCK but she told
me...So heres the solution to our probs, I have 3 way
calling Im gonna ring him and hes gonna put his phone on
mute ,Then using 3 way calling Im gonna ring her while hes
still on the line and Im gonna say"lane do you like me more
than Robbie" if she replies yes then Robbie will take his
phone of mute and say "but you told me you liked me more"
thats when we will tell her to make up her mind right now
and tell us if she says "Zane" I dont know how I will act
but if she says "Robbie" I will most probbly hang up then
wait for her to call me and I will act all upset and get
her sympathy or I will stay on the line but go really
quiet. I really like this girl mabey even love but I dont
mind if Robbie gets the girl but it will even if we try not
to it will damage our friendship even if we try to make it
not . Ive said enough now.

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