little pig does poetry
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2002-12-22 10:10:54 (UTC)

Everyday Need(s)

How do I feel alive to pass each day
when all I see is
stiff, shivering trees,
a nauseous, pale sky,
and a highway by my house
that continuously leads
people away from me?

How do I breathe when each inhale
reminds me of your absence,
the missing aroma of your shampoo,
and the natural sweets of your skin?

And how do I eat
when eating doesn’t seem to be
the remedy? Chewing and swallowing
only mocks me, reminding me of
the way food should taste, should feel,
the way it causes the mouth
to swell with saliva, and
the way it places a smile
on every cell in the body.

But your presence in my life
is 90% of the ingredients
and deliciousness in all food.