2001-09-01 20:20:56 (UTC)


Hey well my g/f I was talking about just broke up
with me and I don't even know why .... I know I talked
about likeing that other gurl but im getting over her cause
I really like Kim ,the girl that just broke up with me, she
said she was confused and didn't think our relationship
would work out :-( ... So that makes two girls now in a row
that have broke up with for some reason that I dont
know !!!! I just wish I could find out WHAT THE HELLS THE
MATTER WITH ME!!! Right now I just fell like crawling under
a rock and never comming out .... SO if ne 1 reads this
cause you please reply at [email protected] and tell me
whats wronge with me please!!!! Well I can't think of ne
else to write I just don't know ....bye