Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2002-12-22 08:47:11 (UTC)

new year, the countdown day 10

day 10, 9 to go...

did nothing, gamed some D&D, almost died twice. kicked the
crap out of everything I came up against.

changed the password on my laptop and almost lost
everything because I forgot the new password.

DUMB ASS.... that will teach me to change shit at 2am in the
fucking morning...

ate at MC Krappy Burger joint... felt sick afterwards...

felt like becoming a bulemic, realized that wouldn't help and I
hate throwing up, starting to think I should just stop buying
crap food..

realized that's not going to happen, and felt like throwing up.


came home, yakked with parental unit, wanted to slash wrists,
remembered some pregnant chick at work has some of my
books, so can't kill self...

watched buffy, farscape and roseanne... figured it could be
worse, and decided to make up some new years resolustions..

Number 10.... REALLY try hard to not eat after 10pm.... and
to stop drinking pepsi/coke crap after 8pm...

- coming soon....

resolution number nine