Oh,The Insanity
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2002-12-22 07:43:37 (UTC)

How I Wish You Were Here...

it was simply splendid...amazingly amazing...perfect. We
hung out, and looked Gothy together...him with the Big
Gothy Coat Action and me with the Fluttery Gauzy Skirt
Action. Standing in the windy outsideness, waiting for the
movie to start, and talking about the FUTURE!!!!I was like
OMG...someone catch me. simply...marvelous.wow I'm
speechless... "i'm feeling something i havent felt in a
very long time...oh, nevermind, it's just happiness"

Peace(cuz i finally have it) Love(cuz it doesn't suck as
much as I thought) and Bullet Proof Marshmallows(cuz Kate
still hides the regular ones)