Thoughts from Blue Angel
2002-12-22 07:02:30 (UTC)

End of Year Goals

Like most people, I usually make New Year's resolutions,
and spend the last 2 weeks of the year doing the exact
opposite of what I've resolved to do in the coming year
just to "get it out of my system." This year, I want to
take a different approach. Instead of concentrating solely
on what I'm going to do in 2003, I'm going to try my
hardest to take advantage of these last 10 days to make
2002 the best year possible.

I'm excited, because since Thanksgiving break, I've lost
even more weight, bringing me down to 158 pounds. I don't
think I've been that light since my sophomore year of high
school. I'd really like to continue that trend. One of
the goals I set for myself earlier in the year was to get
down to 157 before Christmas, so I have 3 days to lose a
pound. I would like to get down to 155 before New Year's.
After that, I'd like to lose three more pounds before I go
back to school on the ninth. That would be 152.... I get
so excited thinking about that!!!

I plan on going to Curves on Monday to sign up for a
package for the time I'm home so I can work out there every
day they are open. Also, I want to run on my treadmill
every day and work out to some of the tapes we have lying
around the house.

Of course, I'll splurge a little bit over the holidays, but
I'm not going overboard this year! I'm on too great of a
roll to ruin it now.

I'll be working a lot, and convenience store food is just
disgusting (as well as wallet-draining)! So, the only food
I am allowed to eat from work is a granola bar when I'm
really hungry. Other than that, I will have to take my
dinner or lunch from home.

I'm going to try not to eat out of boredom. This is a hard
one for me....

I need to drink more water, especially at times when I'm
just going to be sitting around the house. (It's hard to
run to the bathroom every 10 minutes at work!)

Over the summer, I managed to lose fifteen pounds in about
three weeks, so I figure that losing six in about the same
time should be a very attainable goal, even over
Christmas. I can do this!