One hell of a life
2002-12-22 04:54:41 (UTC)

12-22-02 entry twenty two

Well...the other night I stayed at Lois's, and her older
sister Rachel was there. Lois was like begging her to do
our makeup cause "she's amazing at makeup!" as she said. So
she did, and she did it pretty well.
Anyway, Eric called my mob. to ask to meet up, so we went
to Gubei and hung with him and Jon at Starbucks. For some
reason he kept bugging to thumbwrestle so i did...(he never
beat me and he still obsesses over it).
Anyway, then SHAUN texted Eric and told us to go to Gubei
Square where the P.O.S were. Since it was pretty dark i
didnt see em until we got to them, lounging around in this
group and laughing.
We hung for a while, I found Lois's sisters wig in my bag
and Shaun tried it on. He looked so hOt even with a wig
on .. haha. Anyway. Then we went to get some gum, and
Lois's dad called to tell us to go home.
SO WE did...the next day I was talking to Shaun on MSN and
he was like, "You should hang out with us more", I said
that even when I did, I hardly talked much with all the
guys and he was like, "I talked to you.."
Um...nope he didn't! But I wish he did.


So last night we put up the Christmas tree... my dad
made me wrap all the tinsel on it...and it looks like shit.
I suck at that. The only thing I seem to be good at is
hanging little ornaments and sticking the presents around
the base.

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