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2002-12-22 04:35:25 (UTC)

First entry

Today...where do I start? I think I will just write in
this journal at the end of the day...that way I can
summerize the wonderful things that have happened to me
during the whole particular day.
Today I was supposed to go shopping with my Mom early in
the morning...but my lazy butt was doing what it does
best...being lazy. Sat around until pretty much about noon
and then decided I would brave the outside and go
Okay...drivers in Las Vegas suck. When it rains it is even
worse. There are two groups of people...the people who
drive like rain is the end of the world. Heaven forbid
they push on the gas because they may cause a 39 car pile
up before they even get out of the driveway. Then you have
the people who think they are Tom Petty and drive like
there is no tomorrow. I am not saying to slow way the hell
down or drive like a racecar driver...just be cautious.
Look in front of you instead of the radio
will be fine. I promise.
I went shopping and finished my Christmas shopping...thank
God. Done and wrapped. I have skills that I do not even
know about. Now I can focus on Lori's going away present.
Pretty uneventful night...just sitting around anticipating
getting up before the sun does and going to hang with the
good ol' Pinjuv clan. Wish me luck on that.
Write to ya soon!!

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