My Heart and Soul....
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2002-12-22 04:26:33 (UTC)

I wish I understood....

So...last night Danni and I went out. Stopped in I-laken to
see what was hoppin. Ran into Andy @ Jess's place. He
actually said hi to me. That was about it. A little small
talk in group conversation. But....you know how you can feel
someone looking at you? Well, I felt that the whole time we
were there. Every time I glanced at him, he was staring at
me. I don't really know why. It wasn't a bad look. It
definately wasn't that. It was a look, like, I like you, but
I don't know what to do about it. I hate that. I wanted to
just go over to him, and look into his eyes, and be like "I
know you are confused, and I know you don't know how to deal
with your feelings, but I want to work things out, and I
care about you." But of course, I would never say that to
anyone. UGH! I hate that I have feelings for him. He's said
that he'll more than likely call me after the holidays.
Color me stupid, but I'll be waiting by the phone. My
reasoning: I've felt this way about one other person. And I
was too stupid then to make it work. So this time, I'm not
giving up that easy. I'm tired of letting guys get away,
just so I can spend the next year regretting it.

Idk...I just hope I can make this work. Pray for me.


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