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2001-09-01 17:46:41 (UTC)

Summer, American Beauty, and M & M's

12:45 pm

Saturday afternoon.

Summer's slipping away having cheated us out of half
its day. I think this summer seems so short because of all
those fuckin heatwave days that were kind of like entire
days of paralysis. In a way those days didn't even count
because all anyone could think of (atleast here in New
york) was getting past the oven-like torture of daytime and
waiting for the somewhat refreshing coolness of night.

All in all it was a good summer though, just one that
went by quicker than the past ones.

I'm a little pissed about this M&M commercial. It's the
one where these two parents are sitting in their son's room
talking about this "green M&M" poster that he has up.
That's all fine and cute and funny and shit... But if
you've ever seen American Beauty you'll recognize the music
they use in the background.

Now, I'm a firm believer in freedom of expression, even
when it has to do with advertisement, so I'm not saying
they SHOULDN'T be allowed to do this or anything. The music
they're playing however, comes from a very amazing scene in
the movie. It's one of those rare moments in todays mass-
audience-minded presentations of art where a scene is not
just "good" but I daresay "sacred." If you ever saw the
movie it's the scene where Ricky is showing his girlfriend
(what's her face, Janie, the one with the big boobies) a
video of a plastic bag dancing in the wind among a bunch of
scattering leaves.

I guess it just bothers me that they would use the
music that was played in the background of that scene, as
well as many other great scenes, for a fuckin m&m
commercial. To me it's like using a church song to sell
skittles. Some people hold Christianity as their religion,
others Science, but for me, art is the thing that's of the
utmost importance.

My favorite M&M is the red one by the way. Death to the

Peace the fuck out