No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-12-22 02:52:50 (UTC)

looking better...or something...maybe?

Things are a little better. I wrote Terry and had Trish
give it to him. He came over last night with Kit, Kyle and
Fred. It was hilarious. Those guys are absolutly crazy. I
dont know if I stopped laughing. It was fun. They were
playing with fire and lit Kyles arms and Freds hair on
fire. It was so freaking great. Kyle pissed and spelled his
name in the road. It was fun. Terry and I talked about
everything, he read my note during his break. It wasn't
easy. It really sucks. But there isnt anything either of us
can do. Like he said, it's better for it to end peacefully
then to end with us being mad or hating eachother. I know
I'll miss him, I do already, but its one of those things
I'll have to learn to deal with and just move on and learn
from it. *sigh* It still sucks. If I were just 5 months
Trish, Kit, Fred and Brian were fired last night. They were
playing with fire. Trish told Fred off when he almost lit
her face on fire. She was off the clock, so it shouldn't
have mattered. A customer heard her say fuck and she got
fired becasue of it. Fred, Kit and Brian were fired for
playing with fire. lol. Sounds weird...doesn't it?
I have been shopping all day. I got inside around 2:30-2:45
this morning after talking to Terry and had to wake up at
6. It sucks really bad. I came inside last night and cried
(I know, I'm pathetic) and then I went to sleep.
Did I mention that all this shit sucks? Well, guess what!?
I'm done...later...


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