Probing into my mind
2002-12-22 02:39:11 (UTC)

first entry

Ok...i saw entries here from my other friends...and since
my stupid subprofile doesn't work...ive decided to put my
own diary here! Exciting huh? U get to hear about my dull
life for free! i dont have the time or the patience to tell u
my life story, so ill just start from recent events.
The play tryouts were last week. I did fairly well. Ms.
Lavoie liked my voice...but i still only got a chorus
part...i guess i should be appreciative...but i still wish
they had select chorus and more parts..o well
My horrible luck in the guy department
continues....gasp....but im (hopefully) permanenty focused
on just having a good time with my friends...excluding the
male sex.
Christmas break has begun..yay! I started cleaning my room
but basically procrastinated throughout the day.
Ive been doin fairly well in school altho if i got these
grades last year i would've cried every day...funny how
some meds and counceling can totaly turn my work ethics
upside down! But i starting to get
more "normal" cuz im not studying for 20 hrs.
Julie N. came over yesterday. Even tho we had gotten into
a semi-fight the night before because of my insecurities
and paranoia...our friendship is now better than ever. We
went to the mall and did some christmas shopping :D I
can't believe how much she opened up to me! It made me so
happy that she trusts me that much! Im really glad...and
ive learned the hard way to keep my mouth shut. Im also
gonna try to stop interrupting ppl and listen to what they
have to say...thanks Julie! :)
Tom. i might go to my Grandmother's house cuz my cousin
and her baby Kaitlyn are somming over to visit. She is so
O ya and my bro had a party last night...a surprise b-day
party for his "friend." Ya, he has her over like every
day. And she wont go out with him cuz he's "too short"
Ugh...some ppl are so vain! anyways...i think we must be
cursed...he hasn't had good experiences with girls.
ya so if he ever reads this he'll kill me for putting it
on a website...but its my diary! hehehehe lol well that's
all for now! Hope ppl actually invite me to stuff over
vacation....but that rarely happens...i have to make plans
with ppl myself...and im too lazy to do that haha