What are you, some kind of Adrien?
2001-09-01 16:42:32 (UTC)

Phill's party and I can drive!

Hmm, which topic shall I address first? I'm guessing, I'll
address the first topic first. That would make sense,
seeing as it occured first, and I listed it first.

Phill's party. T'was only me, Heather, Erin, Adrien and
Phill. Quite a fun party. We all decided to go for a food
run, and we hopped a fence, and walked up to A&W. Us girls
proceeded to get high on sugar, while Phill had a 3 strip
combo. (Quote Adrien: "'I'd like a 3 strip combo please',
then the girl'd say, 'what would you like with that?' and
I'd say 'You, and you and you.'") Heather dropped some
sugar which formed a perfect little mountain. Heather
became God. I was bent on destroying it. I became Satan.
Phill got an apple turnover, which when eaten, the box
became the Millenium Falcon for Heather's pagan family,
Archangel Chubby Chicken and Sugar Mountain aka Earth.
Adrien was a God/Satan hybred, making him the perfect man.
We went to the park. We must have sounded stoned, and we
could stop laughing. It was all so brilliant. I think we
should do it again sometime. ("What are you, some kind of

Now on to the latter topic. I can drive!!!! Whoot!!! Mom
took me out driving today! I don't have my liscence, or
permit yet, so I hope none of the officials find out. Well,
it was only driving on a parking lot. I need to work on my
brakes, so I can stop giving mom whiplash. And I need to
work on direction, as one point I started to veer towards a
building. Cars make scary sounds too. Like when you rev the
engine? Sounds terrifyingly loud inside the car. But I can
drive! Mom said I did good! Look out pedestrians!!! Here I

Oh, I forgot to say something back at the party paragraph.
I couldn't climb back over the fence. I'm horrid at
climbing fences anyways, but I was wearing sandals that
were falling apart, so it was especially hard. Adrien
helped me over though. What a sweetie. But when we were
walking back I was complaining that it was dark and someone
was going to eat us. And he stops, turns around and says in
this deep evil sounding voice "Like me". So of course I
screamed. Stupid cannibal. It was really scary though. I
know he didn't mean it. At least, I really hope he didn't.

Hmm, what else to talk about? Um, I wrote a bunch of poems!
I'll post three.

The other day
As I watched the night
Creep over the day
It reminded me
Of how you used
To creep over me.
Once it became dark
I began to weep
Because it reminded me
Of the day
You died.

I look at you,
Your fingers lightly
Dancing across the keys.
Do you know I'm here?
Do you know I'm watching?
You laugh
Make jokes
Talk to me
Like you're a friend
Of mine
Or I'm a friend
Of yours.
You scare me
Like when you jokingly
That you would eat me.
But you're beautiful
And amazing.
So I'm not quite sure
About how I should feel
When it comes
To you.
We've had a lot
Of great times
As friends,
And a lot
Where I feel
We could be more.
Give me an answer
Just so I'll know.

This one I'm going to post next, Kerri says is perfect.
She's gone through a lot lately. Maybe I wrote it for her,
but didn't realize it.

Don't talk to me
Don't tell me how you feel
Because it won't
Change my mind
About how I feel.
Don't walk away
Don't just throw it all away
Because I'm just
About how I feel. I really don't know what to say now. I guess
I'll leave off here. I'll write again soon.