punk girl, interrupted
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2002-12-22 00:09:47 (UTC)


haha cristal told me im like the powerpuff grl
buttercup..hence the title. i worked so mcuh today..8
hours ugh im tired. finally checked my mail..nothin
special tho. i miss so many ppl..steve..adam..william..i
should really call him. i know him form online as well( he
knows arah adn krista too)..hes suck a sweety.
ugh i hafta work from 10 until 8 2morrow..some xmas frikn
not much has happened ..only ate 80 cals so far today..see
if i can keep to it. im too lazy to excercise. haha. i
miss school actually..
i cant wait til this friday ..well, actually sunday. joyce
(my cute lil chinese buddy) and i are going to the
chinatown mall so i can get professional pics taken..then
im going to hte humane society to adopt two kitties=)
YAY.. i love animals so much!
my throat is too sore to sing(oh yeah..i wanna be a
singer..guess i forgot that huhz?) mike , my bro, is
sick..i think im gettting sick 4 the 3rd time in 5 weeks.
great. anyhoo, gonna go for now.

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