2002-12-21 22:41:04 (UTC)

...when I heard that you were gone... 12/21/2002

...when I heard that you were gone... 12/21/2002
pitter patter
cliche rain falling on my shoulders

As cliche lines run screaming through my head

Asking if I want the cliche response, or a new

remedy to old-fashioned heartache, life-ache, time-trial?

opting for modern miracles, rather than old-time clarity, I
crash every cliche standard and ask the new-age query?

who the hell isn't this happening to?

shoving the basement-bargain stock stony reply of Why me?
back into the reccesses of jaded teenage cookie-cutter
wrist-slitting de-magination and the leeching minds of high-
fi mindless suburban drones

peeking out of civilization for actual answer to rhetorical
musing requires disdain for customary patterns of self-
defeat, and for this we must indulge in a grain of reality
for once, and actually respond to such self-indulgent
whisperings of a blatantly human character...such response
can only be portentous, when it amounts to the rather


why else would life be such a cliche?