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2001-09-01 15:30:13 (UTC)


1st day of me cooling off with my g/f.Well I guess I
shouldnt take all this the wrong way I suppose. Maybe that's
what the both of us need, juz time away from each other.
I'll just take all this one step at a time and see how it
goes from there.

Anyways, it was my last term test paper today n i think ill
do okay for it. got home and started slacking away and just
watching movies and bunking out. no one was at home so i was
pretty much thinking abt aishah and wishing she was there
beside me to talk or...ermm...u know. smoked away and i kept
thinking abt her. was i too harsh on her?? was i too
demanding and imposing?? ive gone thru lotsa shit for her
but what really scared me this time was that i got really
tired to the point that i didnt care anymore. maybe this
week long break will really do me some good if i decide to
do some soul searching and thinking abt how ive been on her.
well back to the comfort and solitude of my room. sigh i am
gonna miss her..


1st Sept 2001

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