my life, my love and my happiness?
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2002-12-21 21:32:47 (UTC)

i will be there dont you worrie......

Time:4:18 Pm
i got back form marias a little while ago. i got home and
talked to my mom... wow we didnt fight its amazing! and
thn we moved the tree b/c it looked gay were it was
before, and i picked up the house a little. i need to get
in the shower.but that isnt going to happen any time soon
b/c i dont feel like getting up to get in. i just got on
line checked my mail and looked up some stuff and i was
reading throgh something and it was mention that someone
wanted me to look after one of (our) friends. i dont really
know if they were talking about me or not but i am the
girl that is most close to him. it is kinda weird. and
they said that all they want is for me to be there for
him...even after all of the horrable things thatwe have
said about each other. i dont even know if this is sbout me but i
have a feeling it is. this makes me feel good in a way... to have
some one that hates me with a passion know that i am a
good friend, and that i will be there for any one that
needs me... it just makes me feel a little better about my
self. i am going back to marias tonigh after she gets out
of work. then we are getting up at like 9:00 to go to the
mall. we wouldent be going that early but it is going to
be crazy buisy so... i need to finnish for my mom and i
have no idea what she wants. gerrrrr!!!! to day i going to
be so borring i have nothing to do and everyone is leaving
my house in a little while so i wount even be able to
fight with anyone. so i guess i will be on-line untill
maria gets out of work b/c i am a loser. haha!! oh and
come to find out checha called me last night and told me
that pete really liked me but he dosent have time for a
girlfriend. so at least i know that he dosent hate me.
right? i dont know i have just kinda giving up on trying
to..never mind i dont want ot talk about this i am in a
good mood and this will just make me wanna die. i havent
talked to my sister in like forever and it sucks. i hate
her being away. i need her here now!!!!BBL
listing to: johns mix

i feel so much better! i just got out of the shower and i dont smell
anymore!!!! haha everyone left now i am here, by my self, once
again... i hate being alone and bored.. it sucks ass. x-mass is 4
days away and i dont even want it to come any more. expt for the
presents. it was so funny i got home this afternoon and i saw that
there were presents under the tree. and i was like mom what is that?
well come to find out they are ass-holes.. damnit that is
shitty .... so i was like were are mine and she said.. well i cant
put any of your presents out b/c you can shake them and fuiger out
what they are and then you ruin it for your self. this is so funny
and true it makes me sick. i cant wate to eat dinner on wed it is
going to be so good. and i need to fuiger where i am going on x-mass
eve b/c i need to go somewere i cant just sit home. now i am
sitting here having no one to talk to i am so bored.. oh my fuckig

Dae just wrote me an e-mail and she got here presents and her and
jake loved them. i got her a bunch of bath stuff and i got jake
sponge bob stuff magnets for the frige and air fresheners for the
jeep. i cannot wate for them to move back. i love them so much. jake
is so nice last year i wanted to go with ben to prom and he didnt
want to go so jake said that if i really wanted a date that he would
fly here from CO to go with me. i was so happy to hear that. it is
kinda funny at the same time.... oh who is your date? um it is my
sister 25 yr old husband. haha lol !!!!!

bla bla bla... oh oh oh oh sweet child of mine!!!! la la la

ok now i am sitting here being bored and i am starving with nothing
to eat. BORING!!!!i just ate a canollie it was so good. i guess ass-
hole got them at vannila bean bakery. what ever i dont care it is
food. ok so lets see what i ate today.
breakfast: 3 brownies and my leftovers form frendlies last night
lunch:um well breakfat was at like 12:30 so i guess that is lunch
and then
snack: i dont know what time it was i havd stir fri that was from
dinner the other night at marias it was so good
and then when i got home i had
like a whole box of cookies the ones with rasberry stuff inside them
then i had chips cap cod ones they are the best! and the cannolie. i
wish i had more to eat.
my mom went to a x-mass party so i dont get dinner tonight i will
just have ot wate. we dont even have oddles and noodles that is when
you know there is no food in the house.
current something: STARVING LIKE AN ETHEOPIAN!!! word form dave!!!
watching: that 70's show borring it is a re-peat acually now it is
sole train haha that is so funny!! i like big butts and i cannot lie
(the sweetest thing) awsome movie. ps... my hair smells fucking