Thoughts from Blue Angel
2001-09-01 14:48:45 (UTC)

Two Roommates, One Guy, I Win???

Brittany has really been a bitch lately. I don't know what
I did to her, but she's really taken offence at whatever it
is. Drew and Allison think it's because she's jealous of
me, and that most of that is because I have a better chance
of getting a guy. I think that's a stupid thing for her to
be jealous of, because at the point of her beginning to be
bitchy, I hadn't had a guy so much as act attracted. I
guess it all started when she realized that she didn't like
Josh as much as she thought. She needs someone who she
likes instead of someone to use in the meantime.

(Disclaimer: This is a long story. It's quite possibly
boring. Then again, it's funny and very complicated. Read
at your own risk.)

Anyway, you'll notice that I said "hadn't... at that
point." Well, let's start at the beginning of this one.
We were over in a guy friend's room (first time all year
we'd been in a guy's dorm) and we started talking to these
guys from down the hall- Joe and Don. They were cool. I
mean, they gave us Pez! Does it get better than that?

Well, I was automatically attracted to Joe. Tall, cute,
sweet, funny... Brittany told us later that she didn't
think Don was all that bad. We gave them our number and
they said they'd call, and life was really cool.

Allison and I ran into them at dinner the next day. (We'd
kinda left Brit by accidentally on purpose since she was
being so slow (and so cranky)... oops!) They asked if we
wanted to sit with them. I ended up next to Don with Joe
at the end of the table. But then I figured out how funny
Don was. We laughed the whole time. (Do you see a problem
forming yet?) Afterwards, we headed back to their room and
hung out. Don had to leave for work, and before long
Allison had to go to a cook out for her floor. Yes, that
left just Joe and myself. We walked back to my floor and
watched baseball with Tamesha and Brit.

We went down for the guy action (funny stuff), and somehow
we lost Joe. We don't know if he lost us or we lost him,
but either way, he ended up hanging out with some other
people and we didn't see him for the rest of the night.

Don came over when he got off work. Brittany was excited.
Too excited. She was coming on WAY too strong, and he was
obviously not diggin' it. She never noticed. Well, by
this point, I was really starting to like Don too... (I
know... .ouch!) He was talking to me and ended up giving
me a backrub. Brit was still trying, but unsuccessfully.

Brittany had told Don that when he was ready to leave,
she'd walk him down. When the time came, he asked me if I
was going. (Burn...) So, Allison and I walked him and
Drew downstairs. We stood and talked for a while... Then
we sat and talked... Midnight became 1:00, 1:00 became
1:30. We decided to take a walk. Around 2:30, we decided
to make it an all-nighter. Around 3:00, Drew and Allison
ducked out while we weren't looking.

It rained, so we walked in the rain, hand-in-hand. We
found a dry place under an overhang. He kissed me. We
walked in the rain some more. It rained harder. We found
an awesome spot by the art building and cuddled up until
the sun rose. At 7:00, I came back to change and then we
went to his room, where we fell asleep together.

Joe obviously got a nice shock out of this. On his third
return to the room, he said something along the lines
of, "I'm sorry. I didn't quite catch your name this
morning." He didn't even recognize me. Awkward moment,
let me tell ya...

Don was so sweet... Soft kisses... Great conversation...
Snuggly hugs... He didn't even try anything.

He was onto Brit, and eventually we started talking about
how I was going to break it to her. She's gonna kill me
when she finds out. I feel horrible about it, but it's not
like I just did it to steal him. I really like him.

At 2:00, I finally walked him to class and came back to my
room. He got on a bus to go home for the weekend at 4:00.

I've been informed that Brittany was worried about me. How
ironic... Allison just assured her that I was fine and she
had a pretty good idea of where I was.

I have no idea how she is going to react. I know she'll be
pissed, and she has a right to be. I would be furious.
But I really like Don a lot, and he really likes me.
Should I tell her or just let her figure it out? Maybe I
should just be honest. E-mail her while she's at home?
Tell her to her face? It's not like it won't be obvious
when he comes over Tuesday night.

Any feedback is appreciated on this subject. (The non-
judgemental type, please. I know I'm being a bad friend.
I want to know how to make up for that just a little bit.)