A life to remember
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2001-09-01 12:00:00 (UTC)

A stange Dream

A couple nights ago, I had a strange dream. It all started
at a park, in the place that I lived, and I was with my
friends, and we were walking up the road, from the park,
and we saw these police cars go by, that were headed for my
best friend's house. So, we walked down to my best friends
house, and sure enough, the police were there. So, I went
inside her house, to see what was happening, and everything
was basically gone, like they moved out. But then i would
my best friend. Then, I went downstairs, and found her
brother, with a friend. Then, I went upstairs, to her
younger brother's room, and found a blanket in front of his
bed, like a curtain. I pulled it away, and found a teddy
bear in his place. My best friend's parents were gone, and
they took her youngest brother with them. Then, this lady
came in, and gave us these tags. She stayed indoors, and
there was this guy on the roof. One of my friends went up
on the roof, and scared him off, and I guess he was
arrested, as we went outdoors. Then a police was arresting
my ex. bf for some odd reason. I told them to let him go,
and he did. Then the police left searching for my best
friend's parents. We followed, but stopped at a resturant,
and got something there. For some odd reason, there was
chocolate roads, in places.

And that was the dream. The weirdest thing that happened
was I realized that the day before, I had supper, from the
resturant I went to, the tags that the lady gave to us in
the dream, were like the tags that I found on a friends bed
the day before, when i was at her house. I was thinking
about my ex. bf, and my best friend. And I had chocolate
cake the day before. My best friend said, that when I told
her the dream, she had a blanket over the bed, cause her
brother wanted it like a tent. I didn't even know that, and
something like that was in my dream. That was my dream!

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