Lil* Black Backpack
2001-09-01 09:11:39 (UTC)

Semie Charmed Kinda Life

Hello.... well I'm not really sure if I made the mistake by
giving J'son a lil* internet card from that thing, called
egreetings.com. I just miss him so much. I gave him the
one by Life House - Hanging by a Moment. I hope I did the
right thing. Im starting to regret it though. But O,
well!!! I miss him so much, I just there was a easier way
to like move on, cus I dont think he's going to give me
another chance, he like hates me or something. I have no
idea why either, I think thats what really makes me feel
sad. Cus we had so much, and now so much is lost, I wish
it never had to end, and so soon. But I dont know, maybe
there will be some way for me and him to get back
together. I think if I hear it from him, that he doesnt
want us to ever get back together again, I'll know for sure
that I'm through. I just feel like I was another girl to
him, I tried my best to make myself that way, but I guess
there's nothing special to me, to make me ne diff, then any
other girl.

Nope I guess not. Well ne ways, I hope school will get my
mind off this whole J'sont thing. School starts in a
couple of days, and I thought I would never hear myself say
this, but I cant wait. It's going to give me a freash new
start. Everything might start looking a lil better. I
just hope so, who knows maybe I'll meet someone new.

Well thats all for now so buh bye!!! And I'm sorry for
boring u with all my saddness with the whole J'son thing, I
promise I'll try to make it a bit more interesting. Even
though no one probably cares what I'm feeling right now,
but I dunno, I'm just tired so Nite*, Nite*!!!

-love Shelley