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2001-09-01 08:43:21 (UTC)

late nite partyin.

fluos back into de nite groove.
i noe i shldnt be but hey. what de hell.

i got back arnd 3 plus minus.

10 went to eat at lps. i mean wahh...

arnd midnite-ish went to sidewalk bistro alng rive val.
not crowded considering a friday nite sat morn.

i swear i had fruit punch. dorkish to be sittin around
pretendin to look good (i wore yellow eyeshadows!!) whne
all i wnated was my pillow.

but it was gd company. all of des peeps noe only to chase
skirts. badly. hee. had a wild time. ;)

woke in early morn to send datuk out. finally woke up at
two ish. not bad considerin i only tucked in at 4 in de

ok. i shld go. but listen, shld i go for tonite's
cineleisure nite marathon? hmm.