Brandi's Exciting Life :o)
2001-09-01 08:14:09 (UTC)

Someone please read and tell me what you think!

Am I crazy to think this way. Me and my boyfriend have
been together almost 5 months now, I think I may be
pregnant thing is I am 16 and will be 17 in 3 months.
Somewhere in my mind I am praying that I am, because I want
to get out of this hell hole I am to call home, I am tierd
of putting up with my father letting my 14 year old sister
do whatever the fuck she pleases, and lets me do nothing.
The only thing I do get, it my boyfriend is allowed to be
at my house and stay with me, in which my sister gets the
same.... My dad don't like my b/f cause he is 25 and my
sisters is 22 she is 14 come on now dammit! She won't be
15 till' June! What the FUCK IS WRONG WITH HIM...... Maybe
it's the drugs ow all the alcohol... Anyways, the reason I
want to be pregnant is because then I will be allowed to
move out, my boyfriend already does so much for me and he
said if I am pregnant I can move in with him and he will
support me with whatever I need, believe me he means it you
have to know him.... But am I crazy to want to stop my life
and have a kid just to get out of my house and away from
this hell.... I mean I can't stand my sister fucking
calling me fat ass and bitch and hoe and everything else
every fucking single day, when she knows I will die for
her... She means so much to me and I mean nothing more to
her than dirt! I need to get away, do you think I am wrong,
and this is the only way it is possible....