Daily Blah
2001-09-01 07:48:07 (UTC)

Completely Drained...

What a week. A death of one of my icons, a concert that
made my summer, and to top it all off with a much
anticipated surprise.

I'm still grieving over Aaliyah, but I think I'm entering
the "moving on" stage. It's annoying when you're enjoying
your day, only to be brought back to that dark depression
from one picture sprawled on the tube. Death sucks. But on
a lighter note, it sparked a debate within the Alkyz Crew.
The question: Would you rather live an ordinary life and
die a timely death OR would you rather have money, fame,
and admiration but die young??? I didn't need a more then a
few seconds to garner my answer...SHOW ME THE MONEY!!! As
cliché and trite as that may sound, I would soooo join the
dying young club for such a desired life. Maybe it's
because of the moment? Maybe I won't answer so quickly if
you asked me again in 5 years, but for now...HELLZ YEAH

I went to see Janet Jackson the other night. Good Lordy
that women is sizzlin' for her age! She chose some fat ugly
dude for her S&M skit!!!! WHY OH WHY couldn't I have won
front row tickets!!?? Not only did she make that poor guys
life that night, she made my summer. Her show was worth
every penny that I didn't spend. Is it wrong to want
someone who's almost twice your age? With rock hard abs
like that, "age ain't nothin' but a number"!!!!...aww, I'm
sad again now!

After a long bout with the housing department, I found out
recently, through mail, that I got a dorm room this fall! I
am so amped! The thought of commuting again this year made
me sick. Isn't it funny how things suck so bad in a row and
then at the end everything falls into place?!? Life is so
fucked up that way. Right now, I'm so drained. I dread
loosing my homework-free weekends and late night
debaucheries with the Alkyz Crew. But all good things must
come to an end sooner or later, weather it be life or your
summer. I hate back to school shopping...especially when
it's last minute.