Les Paroles du JC Torrecilla
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2002-12-21 06:02:22 (UTC)

Entre la lune et les étoiles..

Theres so much going on right now in life. I feel like I'm
behind in everything. I have no idea about college, my
novella seems to develop well in my mind, but when I get to
putting it down in words, I cant even remember how to spell
my characters names. It seems like no one is willing to
take a chance on a kid who's only goals develop around one
certain individual he hardly knows.

On a lighter note, people are really liking my novella,
though i'm not sure if they are being genuine or just
saying so to be polite. I can't believe Ashley is
pregnant. She's only 16 and has no idea what she's getting
herself into. I wish i could be there for her. She really
does need a friend.

Will I get published? That's the big question right now.
God, it'd be so amazing to get my words out to the world. JC
Torrecilla, that's my brand new Pen Name. It has a nice
ring to it.

I'm glad Julian is coming for Christmas. Finally, the
holidays won't be so boring. I wonder where Kyle is? I
haven't heard from him in a long time. He's probably
getting high somewhere. Man, that kid makes fucking up
look cool. If only he realized what it's actually doing to
himself. Damn he could be a pot head in the worst way. I
miss my bud.

Am I honestly going to quit choir? I want to so badly, and
French III would be an achievement, but what about Gaboni,
Emily, JT and everyone else? AHHH, I hate feeling like

Is it really that bad took my own gift? Everyone says so,
but fuck that, it was mine to begin with. Choir sucks this
year. Too much drama. I'm definately getting out of that

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