A Portrait Of A Nobody
2001-09-01 06:29:11 (UTC)


Get this, I went to the 18 Bosstones show at the
Hampton Beach Ballroom Casino, with Kicked in the Head and
5 Bucks. I had a great time until some out of town bitch
from Maine decides to shove his arm in between my friend
and myself and shove me away as the Bosstones began to
play. Now for half of the show, i'm stuck bent over the
barrier thinking, great, now all I need is to be butt
fucked to make this a comfortable experience! So the band
played on, and i'm getting CRUSHED, I got all sides pushing
into me, i'm being heaved into the barrier, I start to lose
wind, andalmost made myself sick from lack of breathing. I
was hot and sweaty. Finally I gave up, I had enough of this
torture. A guard came up to me and asked if I was ok. I
just kinda wearily half glazed looked up at him and
said "Cut Me Lou, Cut Me". Two guards hauled my fat ass
outa the floor and behind the barrier, and I went off to
the back of the ballroom, and I downed some mad water.
After that I had gotten the chance to talk to Nick of 5
Bucks and one of my close friends I talk to online, Mark
Viera, he's a cool guy, we share the same birthday. So it
was, a terrible encounter.
Actually a funny thing happened to a friend of mine who
had been with us before the show. We were chillin in the
arcade, and two of the guys from the Bosstones are in there
you know playin' arcade games. One of which was Ben Carr,
The Bosstone himself "The guy who dances all through their
set". My friend said "So are you a roadie?" and he kinda
looked at him and said "Sure", I happened to be standing
there, and he looked at me, gave me a quarked "He's Gotta
Be Kidding" look and a smile, and walked off to play a
different game. Course I had to break it to him that it was
him, and he was like, shit, so he went "Hey I know who you
are"... Guess you had to be there..... PEACE OUT