A day in the life....
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2002-12-21 05:25:59 (UTC)

wandering fools

Greetings dear readers...i'm random and thoughtful today so
enjoy the following entry.

We are merely men and women placed upon this earth by the
longing of God for fellowship and companionship. We live on
this earth by HIS Grace. We are saved From this earth by
HIS Love. and We die and leave this earth by design and if
we believe and follow, we join with Our Heavenly Father.

But herein lies my dilemma and my long line of
thoughts...if and when we believe what then do we do? Is it
not enough for the faith to be present? Should we not then
ascend to Heaven and have fellowship with our Father and
Lord? But no..we linger on this earth but for a while
longer. How then shall we bide our time, short as it is?
Where shall we journey? Whom shall we meet and befriend?
What shall we do?

I don't know...i just need to trust that God is controlling
my path and i walk in the Light. I'll get to where i'm
supposed to go..eventually..have patience and faith dear
heart..the end will be a glorious finish.