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2002-12-21 05:02:37 (UTC)

My Superman

My Superman

My superman came,
To sweep me away,
He took away my reason,
He flooded my thoughts every day.

His wisdom was amazing,
His thoughts were always right,
My stomach would do a flip-flop,
Every time he was in sight.

His kisses were gentle,
His squeezes were tight,
His theories were smart,
He showed me the light.

His was face so precious,
So innocent and sweet,
His emotions so bottled,
An upsetting defeat.

When he pushed away calmly,
He still talked to me,
Things began changing,
As far as I could see.

Everything I started,
He would bring to an end,
He couldn’t forgive himself,
For making me just the friend.

I felt so empty,
He was still perfect to me,
The emotions so bottled,
No pain he can see.

I thought of confessing,
Telling him all that I felt,
I thought of asking him,
If I could be held.

But if only he knew,
I was still his biggest fan,
If only he knew,
He was my superman.

If you read this, (you know who u r) this is the way i
feel. There's no other way to explain it. I love you. I
always will.
3 AmAnDa