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2002-12-21 04:59:35 (UTC)

5 Friends

Sometimes I think,
My social life will sink,
Phone used for one or two,
And house for just a few,
Amanda, Ashley, Mary, Robin, and Kris,
It's so funny when we reminisce,
Sometimes Heather or Morgan come,
Or Zac or David, the fun's just begun,
Something I used to always want,
Is a group like the one I've got,
We talk about music and lots of good bands,
While most of us are wearing vans,
We'll I guess you'd agree,
If you were to be me,
That the fun never ends,
With me and my five friends.

Your a great friend, and i love you to death. I hope we
can be the
best of friends for ever, and hey.. who knows we just
might go to
Cali and Paris.

We've had plenty of awesome times together, and i hope we
can always
be friends.Do you remember the time we walked down the
street with
the Porn Star Whitney, with shaving cream on your head.

I didn't get to know you that well, but you were a good
friend, and
iif you ever read this please remember that my love is
with you where
ever you may go.

You know your place in my heart, and you know that i'll
always love
you. Although your in Oklahoma, please remember that i
will alway be
your best friend, (you promised.)

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