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2002-12-21 04:56:02 (UTC)

Story Of Goodbye

Story Of Goodbye

Will you remember my name,
When these days are through?
Will you remember our jokes,
When it's not me and you?

Who is going to change first?
Please don't forget the start,
If only it could stay the same,
The friendship in our hearts,

Do you still have my number?
For when the weekends are dry,
And will you tell me secrets,
After time has passed us by?

When you leave the country,
Will you remember this town?
When your ego hits the sky,
Will you land back on this ground?

As my worthiness drowns,
The candy is more of a treat,
And are you a celebrity now?
Will you still visit my street?

This is the story of goodbye,
That kiss I still long for,
This is the story of goodbye,
And how I always wanted more.

You know this is to you, i love you. 4/ever & always.

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