Mistress L

Ravings of a Self-Confessed Erratic Nut
2001-09-01 06:03:42 (UTC)

School soon, ugh

I can't believe school starts in less than a week... summer
has gone by way too fast. I went back to school shopping
tonight...ahhh I hate school so much. Oh well. I dyed my
hair dark brown, so this is the first time since 7th grade
that my hair hasn't been red. Everyone says it looks good,
but I am still adjusting to it. I can buy pink shirts now
without clashing, though. LoL. I am quitting smoking next
week, when I start school. I might as well when I am stuck
in school all day anyways, I don't want to deal with nic-
fits all day like last year. As bad as smoking is for you,
I will miss it. It's one of my few luxuries. I wish it was
good for you. Wouldn't that just make the world go round?
Anyways, the guy at Tedeskies thought I was weird when I
bought a pack of cigarettes along with a package of
nicotine patches. Yes, I am going with the patch. Now i'll
have little patch marks all over my body like Eric. lol. Ha.

I saw Chasing Amy. Everyone I know keeps questioning my
sexuality. They think I'm either straight or gay or don't
like girls anymore or don't like guys anymore ect ect. I
never slip in or out of my sexuality. My sexuality is non-
defined, I just date PEOPLE, not genders. So I'm bi. But I
do go through my men stages, only when I start liking a
guy. That doesn't make me straight. I find both sexes
equally attractive in their own way. Lots of lesbians think
I'm crazy liking guys. This is my only argument...

"We all look for 'the one,' and if we only choose one
gender we cut our chances in half" - chasing amy

I don't know why I keep ranting and raving about it, but I
wish people would stop questioning my sexuality because it
makes all the sense in the world to me.

Hm. Yeah Chasing Amy is a really good movie. Love it. Last
night I went to Jess's house, like usual Thursdays (til
school of course) with Kelly and Di. Jess didn't drink,
Kelly and I only had a few drinks as well as Di. We didn't
get drunk, just relaxed. We didn't want to get smashed,
we're taking it easy for awhile. We rented Candyman,
everyone says thats a classic but it sucked, we did not
understand what was going on at all. Ahh! I went to bed in
the middle of it. Diana left in the middle of it, she was
like "Oh man, I can't take this movie right now" and went
home. She lives next door. lol. It was funny.

Hm. I wish I could go to sleep, but I did have that huge
cappuccino at the mall.

The funniest episode of Friends was on, the one where they
go to Vegas, and Rachel and Ross get drunk in their hotel
rooms and then get married. I love it when Rach picks up
the phone and is like "Oh, Hello, Vegas??? Yes, we need
some more alcohol, and ummm, some moooore beer!" and then
later they get married in the casino and theyre like "Hello
Mr. Rachel!!" "ohhh well hello Mrs. Ross!!!" lol Oh no.

Obsessions are great, right? Right right.

Alrighty. I haven't gone to the gym in forever so I will
ATTEMPT to go tomorrow. I've been so lazy lately.

OKAY until next time...