*Bubbles and Ducks*
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2002-12-21 04:12:30 (UTC)

Great Dorks Think Alike

Crap!! Everyone remember THE LIST and it's subdivisions?
Ok, good. You remember Steve (Scott) Smith from the
cuteness subdivision? Well guess what?! He's going out with
Andrea Clark!!Grrrr... damnit this sucks. But we had a
funny and totally wierd conversation on the internet like
just now, but the wierdness of the convo. doesn't surprise
me, we are both self admitted dorks. I think I'm a dork, he
thinks I'm a dork, I think he's a dork he thinks he's a
dork. And he stole my trademark phrase "yupyupyup", which
is totally my phrase and isn't wierd we have used the same
phrase for forever?! Hmmmm, strange. Great dorks think