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2002-12-21 03:47:01 (UTC)

it's a fine day...

FRIP CAME TO SEE ME!!! i didn't realize just how much i
missed that girl 'till i saw her walk in the door. oddly
enough i got all shy n shit. i dont know why i do that,
but she makes me feel giddy. i have a great way of hiding
it tho. *grin* it's great when we hang out tho, we act so
goofy, and i get attitudes with her, but she knows i love
her. and she even bought me lunch, how sweet was that?!?!
i feel bad i didn't have her gift ready to give her. i'll
have stuff for her at new years, that is if she comes!
gina came with frip, and we took her over to her girls.
how cute those 2 are, kinda makes you wanna puke*** we all
went to cary towne, and walked around for a bit.
GOT MY HAIR CUT FINALLY!!!! not really cut, but cut the
fucking dead ends off. whoosh, what a releif. i feel
healthy...got my neckline trimmed too. if i had to hear the
asian lady who cut it say "oh this is so interesting. never
cut hair like this long and nappy."...one mor time, i think
i was gonna scream. i'm on a roll.
momonique called me...2 hours too late. oh well.

hack the planet!