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2002-12-21 03:31:34 (UTC)

The Cockmobile

My Uncle was so damned drunk last night. He was all like
let's go see my friend Chava, and we were like no..we'll go
see him on the way back from coming across the river. So we
were on our way across the river and we went the back way,
well we got up there nad My Uncle was like i need two 6
packs of Pina Colada Wine Coolers, and a 12 pack of Bud
lite. The lady says "sir?" and my Uncle was like "huh?" (he
(was already drunk)and she says to him is all this 4 u? and
he's like if u think im givin this to them lil bastards
then ur crazy, then he's like ya'll want a beer? I was like
pass me one. (**knowing me**) So we were on our way back,
using the back roads and we passed the Island and took a
right..we couldn't get down there though cuz there was like
a lot of water, so we went the other way around the island,
an we made it through there and my Uncle (im not giving
you his name cuz i don't want some ppl i know 2 rat him
out) So let's call him Uncle Jim. (Mary u know who this
Uncle is) Uncle Jim was like stop right up here i gotta pee
so we stopped and he peed ans we left from there. David, my
cousin Erin's boyfriend was messing with Uncle Jake, i said
tell me about a Safari that you've benn on, and he was like
no you act like were on one so we were on one, and David
said damn did u see that cock run across the road? i said
yeah i did. Uncle Jim was like im going to tell ya'll a
story, and we was like okay...and he goes once upon a time
there were 3 lil cocks, and they were running across the
road. A giany cockmobile cop car came by and arrested the 3
little cocks, and put them in little cock handcuffs, and
threw them in the lil cock jail. I was like okay...i
guess..if that's what u wanna do. It was hilarious though.
well, i gotta go, i have other things 2 write about.