My Life Story
2001-09-01 05:11:00 (UTC)


Wow! The football game tonight was awesome! We won 28-
0!! :) Go Woo!!! I got this random burst of energy after
halftime, and one of my friends (Shanna) and I started
belting out "Like A Virgin" and made up this whole dance to
it. It was great! After the game I went out to Cw's with a
big huge group of people. We were at a table meant for
about 12 max. and we had about 22 people crammed at it. We
were on each others' laps and had people sitting on the
floor...it was hilarious. I think the waiter was getting
kind of annoyed, but that's ok. Shanna and I played "Like a
Virgin" on the jukebox and we did our little dance to it
for everyone and they all just sat there and laughed at us.
We've decided that we HAVE to go buy that cd sometime so we
can learn all the words and everything. I was talking to my
friend, Pat, about college and stuff a lot tonight. He's at
Baldwin-Wallace and is majoring in music ed. (which is what
I want to go into)so he's been able to give me a lot of
good advice. He wants me to go up and visit him for a
weekend sometime or something. I really want to but I'm not
sure how to get it past my parents. I'm still determined to
do it though. I'll have to keep thinking about that one...
If you're reading this and u happen to have any ideas, then
please let me know! Also, if u ever just want to talk,
about anything, I'm here for ya. Just give me a holler. My
sn is [email protected], so feel free to write or IM me or
anything. I'd love to hear from you.

~Daria :)