Chapter One: The Evil Within
2001-09-01 04:57:23 (UTC)

Why was I nervous?

I am still not sure why I was so nervous about tonight, we
went and hug out with his weird, but for some stange
reason, cool friend, Dan! And before that we took a tour of
his house and i met his daddi, and he kissed me, then we
hung for a little while and then went to go get his friend
dan, and then we had to go back to his house, and I
supossedly have a nice body, to drop off his car, cause its
kinda dumb driving 2 cars to denny's, and I have great
eyes, so then we went to denny's, and I am a good kisser,
and I got a drink, and they ordered food, and I cant stop
smiling, and we got that waiter dude that is Chad's friend,
and I am "beautiful", and his friend is jelous, even though
i cant spell it, he still is, and i really like him, and he
knows everything about me, and i dont know how! and its
really weird, but he wants to read this so ta ta!