2001-09-01 04:42:42 (UTC)


well i had band camp today and we had a blast, the
fat "LORD HONTZ" (band director) yelled at us, i played my
trumpet, or atleast tried to i cant really hit any note
without cracking like a preteen guy, and i cant get higher
than a b flat... i went to lunch with some buddies which
kicked ass.... bacon value meal which wasnt a value it was
6 fucking bucks....... drove around jammin to metalica, and
had to many people in my car for a safe trip one kid had to
lay across everyones lap... i cut afternoon band went home
to sit around on the comp... talked with my freind chirs
online about girls, apperntly we have the same problems...
getting them... lol, well this i wat i got so far and right
now im up on the net doing the same shit i do every day