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2002-12-21 01:35:02 (UTC)

communication discontent's out for 2 weeks...HAH! wow...i'm so stoked.
i get to sleep...and i am also fucking SICK! just in time
for xmas. like's crazy....
i really wish dani could come and stay with me for
xmas...that's all i want.
me and ri went and saw lord of the rings the two towers on
wednesday....that was a good movie.
david stopped me in the hall today and said he got me a
present but i have to go over to his house...what do ya
wanna bet he doesn't ever call and tell me when to go to
his house? it doesn't bother me. he's pretty dumb.
i'm bored.
i might go paint balling on sunday. i hope i can go. but i
also hope that if i go, i don't make an ass of myself or
sarah and matt get lubby-dubby. yuck.
i crapped out on my algebra 2 exam and history
exam...algebra was a 73....god damnit i'm fucking STUPID.
and my history was an should have been an A.
DAMMIT. i'm so stupid. i should die or something.

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