sex sells, and (unfortunately) i like it
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2002-12-21 01:23:21 (UTC)

el dose pac

haha i didnt knwo what to call this so i called it el dose
pac... it is my friedns sn and it is funny.
o y god i had such a retarded da. ihate my sister soooooo
much. she is such a bitch.and i didnt event get to go smoke
ay pot! what a waist of a day...
ahhh but tomarrow getta see piebald!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i so
cant wait. bu i a really nt to excited aout christmas... i
dotn fnd it fun. i hate it when my whole family gets
together cause all they do is fight. then my mom liek yells
at my sister and i cause she is like showing off adn she
thinks it liek makes her look cool or something but it is
just embarassing. what ever.