Outlaw Star
2001-09-01 04:25:19 (UTC)

hey. could i start..

hey. could i start this? well, my name is gabriel
and ive been persuaded to start my own diary, journal,
whatever cause of my gf. ive noticed this is a great way to
share your feelings u know? damn i wish elionora was here..
elionora is my gf. we've been together for 3 weeks today
and im absolutely crazy about her...everything about her
intrigues me and whenever shes not around, i miss her. we
talked on the phone like the day before we got together and
everything was going i was nervous as hell and
although i could tell she was trying to come up with a nice
convo, she said she was nervous. it was great though. ive
been too nervous to call her up recently. im planning to
surprise her and call her on tuesday but i dont know.
school starts on tuesday for me. this sucks.. everyone in
school sucks cause they just do. im pretty much a loner in
high school with only the occasional person coming to leech
work off of me or to try and hit on me. its fucking
annoying to me and i hate it. i only have about 6 or 7
friends there cause they are alright. everyone else is a
bitch there or a slut. theres some nice looking girls there
too..its a shame.. well hopefully i can talk to my gf
tomorrow.. i guess thats enough for tonight.