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2002-12-20 23:42:30 (UTC)

mall hell and a midgets mirror
and im not talking about the adults with stunted growth.

i went to a play today for my mini cousin aron.
i figured i refresh my face cuz i was lacking makeup.
i walked into the bathroom and gasped, the mirror was soo
low that it cut off my head.
needless to say, i had to squat to apply my war paint.
and in doing so, i fell on my ass at least twice.

on the plus side, after 19 some odd years of public school,
i finally got to take a crap in the teachers bathroom.

and they say dreams dont come true.

also, i was visited by various family members at the mall
today. all of which found it amusing to bug the piss out
of me as i tried to put out some stock. (of course i didnt
get that done cuz i had to run to radio shack to buy our
ghetto comp a new mouse.)

so now i sit here, my head cocked to the right, attempting
not to fall asleep.
hehe, its been a long day man..

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