No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-12-20 22:51:21 (UTC)

*sigh* What a great start...huh?

This definitly is the worst way to start my Christams
break. I called Terry yesterday and told him we needed to
talk. Fred took me to his house and Terry was outside.
Terry said he was about to come down to my he
went inside and came out and said he cant leave. Well, he
swung by while I was walking down the road to Publix and he
had his lil sister with him. He wasn't suppose to be at my
house...but he was looking at Christmas lights. I talked to
Trish and figured out a lot of the stuff I was mad about.
There was one thing left for me to talk to him about and
the rest of what I had to say was good. I checked my e-mail
around 1:20 today and there was something from Terry. He
doesn't have a computer...I think he was using Tiffany's.
He told me that he likes me and that he told his parents
how old I am and they don't approve of the age gap. (He's
18...I'm 15) and that it wont work with us because of that.
He also swore he wont do anything with Trish. This sucks so
bad. I like him so much. Which is obvious after everything
we've been through. I tried calling and he didn't answer
his cell or home phone. So, I left him a voice mail. I
wrote him a letter and I'll probably bring it to him
tonight. He's at work. It isn't his fault though...and I'm
not mad at him. I didn't want to get hurt again, but life
doesn't like to keep people happy. Yeah, great start to my
Christmas...huh? *sigh* I wish things could be different.