Traded your worth for these scars...
2001-09-01 03:58:21 (UTC)

Typical Football Friday.....

Tonight... was so fun. That is the only way I can describe

First.. Tess is home! yay:) I got off work early today
cause we didn't have very many kids. So, I went home, got
ready and called Tess. She and Lorri came to pick me up for
the game. So... we get there and we see a bunch of people
we graduated with. Most of them haven't left for college
yet, so it was cool. We sat down to watch the game with
Travis, Tyler, Tina, Johnny, Gabe, and Jami. The game was
pretty good.. what I got to see of it that is. All I know
is we won 20-0 I think? I dunno... I walked around for a
bit with Becky so I don't know. I talked to Vee for a bit
and complimented her on how skinny she is! hah Then, when
me and Becky were walkin around we ran into Isaac, Joe, and
Derek and talked to them for... the entire halftime I
think? I dunno really.

I also ran into Matt (Sam's brother) and he was all
like "Tarah, I love you!" haha.. he's cool. He was like "I
hope you become my sister one day" haha... Inside joke.
Then, I went up and gave Clara a hug and talked to her for
a bit, and Matt and Josh:)

So.. then after the game we all decided to go to Taco Bell.
On the way out it was funny, we stopped and talked to Mrs.
Reed and Travis took Logan (her son) out of her arms and
acted like he was kidnapping him... it was great. Then,
Travis got in his truck and started to drive out of the
parkin lot.. and while he was waitin in the traffic, we
hopped in the bed of his truck, and when we did, well al 3
slipped and fell cause it was so wet! haha:)

We went to Taco Bell after the game and had a good time
just laughin and jokin around... like we were still in high
school. Sam came into Taco Bell and I motioned for him to
come talk to me, but he gave me this look and pointed his
head towards SOMEONE... and he mouthed "Wait a minute".
Obviously.. he could'nt talk to me becuase of this certain
SOMEONE.. who remains nameless. But, I will give you a
hint... she toothpasted my car... and I dont' like her..
one bit. And Sam knows it... that's why he did that I guess.
I dunno... I used to be all worried about being friends
with this girl... but now I don't even care. She's a snot..
and I dont like her. I KNOW she doesn't like me so.. why
should I even bother? sheesh...

But, anyway, I'm really excited cause Tess is home for the
whole weekend and I just can't wait to do fun stuff with my
friends. Like, sing 3 part harmony to "Free Fallin" haha:)

Oh yeah... the retreat is in 6 days and Beck just told me
tonight that she can't go. Ugh.. I hate that. Oh well.. I
wish she could go.. but it'll still be a blast!!:)

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