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2001-09-01 03:46:14 (UTC)

august 29th-31st - 2001

Well jeeze Macka Leweeze! I haven't written in a few days
haven't I? Well as usuall I've got a pretty big story to
tell you for the past three days. I'm not really feeling
up to writing this but I ALWAYS do yhis to my self:
Procrastinate! And I know that it's not good at all so i
will try to get this entry done nice and fast!
Ok well on the 29th wich was Wednsday, every thing went
as planned in first and second period wich happen to be
Media and Social Studies. In third period, oh my what a
wonderful class! *hee hee* Anyways, we had to line up
again and as usual I was quite the whole time. Mrs.Fry
wouldn't let us sit in our seats because two people were
whispering ona nd off. So the whole class got no where
that day. After third period I went up to Mrs.Fry and this
is what happend: I said, "Why are you punishing the whole
class for something only two people are acting out on!?"
Then MrsFry says, "I am not punishing the class!" And so I
say, "Yes you are! You are punishing me by taking away my
educational time! I am NOT going to spend my whole year of
8th grade as a mess up due to that fact that YOU can't seem
to get things straight! I was quite the whole freakin'
time the past week of school! Did any ting good come out of
it so far? NO! That's because you refuse to teach me and
what is your job? TO TEACH!" And after my out burst she
says, "Well I need the class to understand that they can
get a long and there can be a great atmosphere in this
room!" SO I say, "EVERY ONE get's along with each other
except for you! And so far you haven't pointed that out to
the class!" Note:I am yelling and screaming at her the
whole time. SO she replies, "Well I can't get the class to
listen to me." SO after that stupdid remark I say, "Well
all of the other teachers at this school CAN make them
listen so perhaps you weren't menat for the job!" She
starts to say something but i inturupt her.. : "I can't
wait untill you're fired!" And then I walk out the door.
And while you are reading that you must keep in mind that I
am the shiest girl in tht class adn very shy in other
classes also. So not even I can explain what drove me to
yell at her like that. That is the VERY first time I've
ever gotten into a fight at school. And the rest of the
day went normal as I bragged to my friends about my highly
rare "fight" with my teacher. In 6th period P.E. We had
to run the half mile and that's when we started to dress
The next day which was Thursday August 30th, in first
period Media I am on the Year Disc team. I had origianally
wanted to be the Digital Camera person but Ashley Davis
stole my job. The other girl that was going to do the
Digital camera had changed schedules and she is now
in "Year Book" class so that up lifts my possibilities to
be able to be the Digital Camera person because I think
Elyse (The head girl of our team who is one of my firends.)
is going to ask Mr.Blaylock to fire her and make her go to
Year Book because all she does is walk around EVERY day of
media and I am the only one out of her and I who reads the
instructions on how to use the camera and I took a quiz on
how to work it. I'm pretty sure that he will elt me be the
digital camera person because I am working extra hard, I
asked him if I could be it FIRST and all she does is walk
around and talk the WHOLE period. Then in 3rd period
Mrs.Fry's class I gave Mrs.Fry a letter of an apology
because I had felt bad for what I had done. The rest of
the day was normal and we ran 1/2 a mile again in 6th
period PE.
Then today, In media I went over and studies the
Video camera operations and how to use it and not only that
but I also studied the digital camera oporations. I might
also be able to get to be head of the Video camera because
Brittney who is the head person of the Video camera hasn't
read as much as I have. And once againa ll Ashley did was
walk around and talk. 2nd Period Social studies with
Mr.Blaylock We had to get our note books checked and I
barely got it done in class for about a minute because I
left out two pages of borders. And we recieved our Gator
cards and I got 6 stamps. If we get over 50 stamps at the
end of the quarter we get to have a boxing ring and a blow
up basket ball court we can play on we also get a pizza
party. And in 6th period Pe we played sccer in teams of
three teacher against teacher's class with the HUGE blow up
beach balls that are over 5ft. tall. SO her I am once
again trying to complete a writing of three days in a row.
I promise I will be more scheduled and frequent than I was
the past few days. So I guess this is the ending for
today - Oh my It took my a half hour to write this, I've
got to get going!
Best Wishes,